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Print Photos Virtually Anywhere With HP's New Portable Printer: The Sprocket

HP, a well-known market leader for making computer hardware and software and peripherals, just announced one of it's latest addition to it's ever growing catalog of products, it's mobile-focused pocket printer, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

Create Prints Virtually Anywhere Print from virtually anywhere with the portable HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

You can instantly print 2"x3" stickable snapshots straight from your smartphone via the HP Sprocket Companion App.

It takes approximately 40 seconds to print a photo.

The Photo Printer is powered by a Two-cell 500 mAh 7.4-Volt internal rechargeable  Li-Polymer battery that takes up to 90 minutes to fully charge.

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer be available in two colors: Black and with Silver Accents and White with Rose Gold Accents.

You can check out the white one here on Amazon, and the black one as well here on Amazon.
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Pokemon Go Celebrates Anniversary By Releasing a New Pikachu

Pokemon Go, the hugely popular and massive breakout Augmented Reality app from 2016, which literally had children and adults alike walking outside again from their homes, just celebrated their first year anniversary by releasing a Pikachu, the unmistakable franchise mascot, wearing it's trainer's very iconic red and white Ash Ketchum hat, which fans of the series will unmistakably recognize, as can be seen from the screenshots from

Pokemon Go celebrates its 1st year of being launched back on July 6th of 2016. The anniversary event wherein you can catch the rare Pikachu runs until July 24 of 2017.

It's been quite a while since I last played the game. I'm thinking about installing the app again and giving the game another go. Hopefully the Pokemon Go Plus, the special Pokemon-detecting bracelet won't be as scarce as it was before. You can check out the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet at Amazon.

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The Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Back in November 2016, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition or the NES Mini.

The NES Classic is modeled to look just like the original and hugely popular NES Console that was released back in 1985. They've just scaled the proportions to be a little bit smaller. And of course the ports did receive an upgrade as well. Instead of the classic RCA analogue audio and video connector to the TV, it now has an HDMI port. and instead of the original controller ports, it now uses the Wii/Wii U standard controller ports. And the whole console can be powered with just the included USB AC power adapter.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the NES Classic is $59.99. But due to low stocks and high demand, you can usually see this console listed at a higher price than intended at online stores like at Amazon.

Features:Suspend game saves. Up to 4 game suspends possible.Locking of saved files. Display Modes:CRT filter: Looks like an old TV, scan lines a…

Nintendo Announces New SNES Mini Console

UPDATE (7/5/2017): I have been seeing articles online reporting that customers, who were fortunate enough, to have pre-ordered units from Amazon have been getting emails informing them that their pre-orders are going to be limited to only one unit per person. And that the email states that this is due to "a change to the availability of this item" and concludes by saying "We understand this isn't what you expected when you placed your order and apologize for the inconvenience". Apparently, the new console is very popular, is in very high demand, and it is very hard to get a hold of as of the moment; just like the NES Mini Classic Edition that Nintendo has released before it.

Some speculate that this is a move to counter the practice of some individuals who preorder a huge volume of the console, thus depleting the current stocks, and then selling them for a profit online.

Nintendo has stated that it will sell the SNES Mini throughout 2017 but hasn't confirm…