Pokemon Go Celebrates Anniversary By Releasing a New Pikachu

image from: www.eurogamer.net
Pokemon Go, the hugely popular and massive breakout Augmented Reality app from 2016, which literally had children and adults alike walking outside again from their homes, just celebrated their first year anniversary by releasing a Pikachu, the unmistakable franchise mascot, wearing it's trainer's very iconic red and white Ash Ketchum hat, which fans of the series will unmistakably recognize, as can be seen from the screenshots from eurogamer.net.

image from: www.eurogamer.net
Pokemon Go celebrates its 1st year of being launched back on July 6th of 2016. The anniversary event wherein you can catch the rare Pikachu runs until July 24 of 2017.

It's been quite a while since I last played the game. I'm thinking about installing the app again and giving the game another go. Hopefully the Pokemon Go Plus, the special Pokemon-detecting bracelet won't be as scarce as it was before. You can check out the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet at Amazon.

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