Adobe Illustrator CC Tips and Tricks: How to Fit Your Entire File into the Workspace

Sometimes, when working with a large file or a file with multiple artboards on the screen, things could get messy and you constantly find yourself scrolling left and right, up and down, or zooming in and out to just view your work. Fortunately, there's a handy view option in Adobe Illustrator CC that lets you fit your entire file into view easily: the Fit All in Window feature.

Workspace with multiple artboards.

To view your entire file in the window:

  • click on View in the Menu bar at the top.
  • click on Fit All in Window
or you could use the keyboard shortcut:

  • Alt + Ctrl + 0

Your view will now be automatically resized to fit your entire work.

Hope you found this tip helpful and remember: Keep on Learning!


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