How to Zoom and Pan within your Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC

Being able to navigate your documents by zooming and panning in Adobe Illustrator CC is very important. It will make it much easier to create and edit your artworks. It will allow you to see more detailed artwork up close, for instance, or even take a step back to view the entire document.

You can think of panning as similar to moving a piece of paper on your desk.

To pan across your artwork within your currently opened document:

  • you can select the Hand tool in the tools section bar on the left, and click and drag within the document to pan across your artwork.
  • or you can also use the shortcut key "H" to select the hand tool.
  • or you can press and hold the spacebar to temporarily select the Hand tool to pan across your document.

When working with artworks with lots of fine details, you may want to zoom in to see things more clearly.

To zoom in and out within your document:

  • you can select the Zoom tool in the tools selection bar on the left, and clicking at the area you want to zoom into or pressing and holding the ALT key while clicking to zoom out.
  • you can also use the shortcut key "Z" to select the zoom tool.
  • or you can also click on View on the menu bar and selecting zoom in or zoom out.
  • or you can use the shortcut keys Ctrl + to zoom in or Ctrl - to zoom out.

Hope this tip was helpful to you. And remember: "Keep on Learning."


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