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The Inexpensive Backpack with Choice Materials: The Xiaomi Travel Business 26L

Xiaomi Travel Business Backpack 26L
I've got a new laptop backpack, it's the Xiaomi Travel Business Backpack 26L. This isn't my 1st laptop backpack. The one I had before, although great, was a bit too small for my needs. I constantly found myself either stuffing it to the brim or just having another smaller bag to hold the things that just wouldn't fit. Thus, I felt that I needed a new one and sent out looking for a roomier backpack that could store all my things. 

One of the biggest, if not the biggest consideration that I had when choosing a new piece of gear, equipment, gadget or whatever is cost. I like to compare the cost of the things that I am shortlisting, in this case, laptop backpacks. I like to compare the value that each one has in relation to my needs and if I could get almost the same performance or use of one for a lower cost. Most of the notable and recommended options that I was looking at were easily twice this bag's price, if not more. You ca…

Replace your Moto360's Battery using only Household Items

Here's the actual video that I've followed. It was uploaded by Seaian Dunn on Youtube entitled "Moto 360 v1 Battery Replacement (the easy way)."

Here's my watch along with the replacement battery and the actual household tools that I've used following Seaian Dunn's video.

Here's an amazon link from where you can purchase a replacement battery for the Moto 360 1st genereation:

The Story

Four years ago,  I received a very special gift from my significant other. Being a gadget enthusiast (nerd) that I am, she knew that I was very excited by the announcement and concept of Android Wear, an on-wrist extension of your Android phone's screen for glanceable notifications, timely information, and assistance. She also knew that I was into the design of the very first Moto360, in particular. So she decided to surprise me on my birthday by getting me one (I'm a very lucky guy). I was very happy to wear my shiny new Moto360 every d…