The Inexpensive Backpack with Choice Materials: The Xiaomi Travel Business 26L

Xiaomi Travel Business Backpack 26L

I've got a new laptop backpack, it's the Xiaomi Travel Business Backpack 26L. This isn't my 1st laptop backpack. The one I had before, although great, was a bit too small for my needs. I constantly found myself either stuffing it to the brim or just having another smaller bag to hold the things that just wouldn't fit. Thus, I felt that I needed a new one and sent out looking for a roomier backpack that could store all my things. 


One of the biggest, if not the biggest consideration that I had when choosing a new piece of gear, equipment, gadget or whatever is cost. I like to compare the cost of the things that I am shortlisting, in this case, laptop backpacks. I like to compare the value that each one has in relation to my needs and if I could get almost the same performance or use of one for a lower cost. Most of the notable and recommended options that I was looking at were easily twice this bag's price, if not more. You can check out this bag's current price through my link at Amazon:


For me, the whole point of a laptop back is all about comfort. Lugging around a couple of pounds to and from my commute in the metro is quite tiresome and a comfortable bag helps alleviate this greatly. This bag, even fully stuffed and loaded with all my things is still comfortable to wear. The cushion on the back and the padded straps are sufficiently soft and provide comfort. Comparing this to my smaller laptop bag, I would say my smaller one does edge this out a little bit because it has air passages in between the cushion at the back for a little more ventilation but all in all this bag is still very comfortable wear all day. 


One of the things, I am very particular about with my bags is the choice of materials the manufacturer used in designing the bag. Along with the design, which is arguably very subjective to the buyer, I place a big importance on the material the bag is mostly made of. The material used here is polyester lining with water-resistant 650D oxford outer cloth which is durable, anti-scratch and lightweight. This material is smooth and pleasant to the touch and I have seen a Youtube video demonstrating it's water-resistant properties (video care of TeknoBus): 


The main reason that I started looking for a new laptop backpack was that my old one was quite small and I couldn't fit all the things that I wanted to carry in it without overstuffing it or having another small bag to carry the stuff that just won't fit. When I first bought that bag, my intention was to carry as little as I needed and at first, that worked out fine for me and as time passed and I realized that I wanted to do more and thus felt the need to bring more, the small backpack, although good, was just not cutting it anymore.

having browsed multiple laptop backpacks, I've seen some which are really big and bulky which would certainly fit all my things and more, and I've seen some which are small and sleek but would probably be just as spacious as my old one, but I've settled on a model that's somewhat in the middle not too big, not too small, just right in the middle. The heading was it was capable of storing up to 26 litters worth of items. I have no way to test this but browsing some Youtube videos gave me a fair idea of how much I can stuff in here. (video care of SAMboxing)

The backpack is pretty spacious as it could hold up to a 15-inch laptop and at a regular-sized tablet, the innermost zipped compartment is dedicated for this. the outer most compartment is the main compartment for most of the things.

The top of the bag has a large and comfortable handle for lifting the bag when not wearing it.

The bottom of the bag is completely covered in the water-resistant material, same as the whole front-side of the bag.

The inne compartmets houses lots of pockets and zippers for keeping my stuff organized.

The whole compartment can hold a weekend overnight trip's worth of items and clothes.

The laptop compartment can even hold some documents in the middle. And there are two easy access pockets on each side of the bag for small things such as battery packs and chargers and a convenient small zipped pocket in the top front for transit cards, and loose change.

Overall, a very good and inexpensive laptop backpack for my needs. Well done Xiaomi.


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