Beginner Drawing Tips: Draw from your Shoulder

Don't Draw from your Wrists...

Don't Draw from your Elbow...

Learn to Draw from your Shoulder!

Another tidbit of advice that often pops up from experienced artists is to learn how to draw from your shoulder. Essentially, you should lock your wrist and your elbow and only pivot from your shoulder. It's not as easy to learn because the motion that we've learned early on since we were little was to write strokes from pen to paper with our wrists. We have to unlearn this for drawing and instead lock our wrist and elbow and just use our shoulder to pivot.

Drawing from your wrist gives you a lot of control but has a very limited range of movement. Drawing from your shoulder gives you a massive range of motion and it excels at drawing long lines that flow smoothly.

This topic is discussed by the author of in his YouTube video:

All images are drawn and animated by me.


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