Beginner Drawing Tips: Periodically Flip your Drawing Horizontally

Upon watching dozens of YouTube videos on Drawing Tips for Beginners, a common tip that was frequently shared by artists is to periodically flip your drawings horizontally. At first, I really didn't understand the value of this action and dismissed it as something that wasn't as useful but boy was I wrong. Upon starting to try to draw characters or human figures which often required symmetry or a certain balance of proportions, it really does help to change your perspective from time to time by flipping your drawings horizontally. I often find that my drawings tend to be imbalanced and I wouldn't really be aware of the issue unless I flip my drawing. A good drawing should look good even when flipped or inverted. So if you haven't already, try to periodically flip your drawings horizontally and be surprised as I was on how effective and helpful this tip is.

Of course, this tip applies mainly to digital drawings. I assume it would be harder for artists who draw on traditional media to apply this tip.

On Procreate on the iPad flipping your canvas can be done my tapping on the "Actions" button symbolized by the wrench icon, then tapping on the "Canvas" button, the 2nd item on the row, and then tapping on "Flip canvas horizontally."


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